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Is it even legitimate to talk about love and not mention Shah Rukh Khan? Shrayana Bhattacharya's book 'Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh' is not a love story but a commentary on the unequal lives of women in India (of the 90's) and the one unifying factor - Shah Rukh, who we seek, not as a person but as a metaphor. 

This statement silver coin necklace with kundan motifs is every 'deewani's' endearing offering, salute, gesture to the man who routinely gives women a break from feeling unacknowledged and unseen and to Shrayana Bhattacharya who articulates so accurately our collective emotions and heartaches in her iconic book. 

Necklace length (clasp to clasp): 29 inches

Coin dimensions : 1.2 inches diameter  

Material : Sterling silver/ 92.5 coins, clasp, dholki beads (wax beads with silver foil).

Please Note: Our designs are carefully considered with specific proportions appropriate to the piece. No customisations or alterations can be made.

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