Sheryl ~ The One with a Sparkle

$303.00 SGD

Sheryl Neema Tauro is a powerhouse of life itself. She lives and breathes joy. Everything she does embodies love and a sense of mirth. Sheryl’s joie de vivre and youthful exuberance captivates everyone around her. She is an ace baker and dances like a dream. Imagine her children’s delight to have a mother who is always exuding so much frolic! But Sheryl’s real love is singing. These days one can hear her sing with Poco-a-Poco, a musical ensemble with a motley crew of amateur musicians and vocalists in Bangalore, India. She is back on stage after 20 years - as a child her family of music lovers encouraged her to sing and she was a natural. She loved performing on stage but after leaving Mangalore to pursue higher education, she lost touch with what she loved deeply.

She is however back now, breathing life into her Ikigai ~ performing on stage, she says, gives her a sense of purpose. 

This sparkling faceted black onyx necklace is dedicated to Sheryl’s love for music and joie de vivre. 

PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Length : Clasp to Clasp: 11 inches

Material : Faceted black onyx nuggets, Thai silver beads

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