Rupali ~ Calligraphed Life

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Rupali is a production designer for animated films and a VFX production designer for live action films. While most creative journeys we know have begun after a realisation of some sort, Rupali always knew she wanted to be an artist. She went on to learn art and specialised in lettering and typography but little did she know then that she would be spending the prime of her career collecting accolades in films.

Her fascination with animation as a medium began soon after college when she visited Ram Mohan Biographics. At that point in time there were no classical animation schools in India where she could have learnt animation. She was fortunate to start her journey with RMUSL - (Ram Mohan -United Studios)as a background artist and it’s been over 20yrs now  of working as production designer.

Her work is delightful - she has lent magic to some very prestigious projects like Bahubali, Manto, Bombay Rose (a full length animation film that has won rave reviews across festivals in recent times) and is currently working on Midnight’s Children a Netflix series of Vishal Bharadwaj’s adaption of Sulman Rushdie’s critically acclaimed book) amongst many other projects.

Ruplai hasn’t given up calligraphy - she still practices it for the joy it brings to her apart from also being a professional calligrapher . And when she isn’t busy with calligraphy or production design, she teaches. She has taught in FTII and MACC academy.

Rupali is a force to reckon with - though when you meet her you’ll see a sense of stillness and calm about her. She is extremely talented and equally modest and humble. She lives her life creatively and joyously. She follows her Ikigai and makes her life and other’s a happier place. 

This raw  Pink Phantom Quartz and Karen Thai necklace is dedicated to Rupali’s talent, dedication and contribution to her art. May other women be inspired by her journey.



PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Length : Clasp to clasp 20 inches (snug fit)

Materials : Raw Pink Phantom Quartz, Pure Karen Thai silver


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