Kushi ~ The Beekeeper

$250.00 SGD

Kushi Bhimaya moved back to Coorg after a short stint in Bangalore several years ago. She meant to go back home and introduce her two adorable children to the Kodava life, as she had once known and lived. But these are modern times and she needed to make extra effort to give her children the same quality of life she once had - that led to the germination of not just an idea but also a way of living - 'The Giving Tree'.

Kushi now curates nature walks at The Giving Tree at Kasturi Estate where day trippers to Coorg get a chance to get up close with the activities around the estate.  She invites you, in her own words, 'to take a walk around the farm to meet the ducks, cows, chickens and other royal residents of the homestead; to sip on some farm fresh passion fruit juice or home brewed coffee while you try your luck at Fishing; hang out with the butterflies and bees to understand the circle of coexistence that nature depends upon; watch the worms work their magic on organic waste and change it into vermicompost or plant food and if you happen to visit in paddy season get an insight into the Story of the Grain- From seed to paddy to the rice on your plate.'


Pristine coffee plantations, forests and hills - these are the images the mention of Coorg conjures up to us city-dwellers. While it is a romantic thought to move to the hills, it is a load of handwork as well. You and I might be busy building careers to build our dream houses but Kushi is busy hiving colonies for bees and making this world a better place for the butterflies and buzzing bees.  

Kushi Bhimaya's ikigai is in securing a beautiful future for tomorrow's children. She lives and teaches us to tread gently on mother earth. She encourages you to be a beekeeper, a keeper of our mother nature and in doing this she finds solace.

This sweet, simple necklace in Aquamarine with wee fish and flower stamped beads is dedicated to Kushi's gentle, sustainable and mellow lifestyle. 


Details :

length : clasp to clasp 10 inches (it’s short, meant to be close to your neck )

material : Raw Aquamarine, Karen Thai silver beads and clasp.



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