Krithika ~ The Soul Therapist

$400.00 SGD

How many of us can claim to have changed our course of life  to help others ? Krithika Akkaraju, an ex-communication specialist, can. 

Krithika’s story is an uplifting one. When she moved to Bangalore in 2005 to work, she found herself struggling to cope on multiple levels - new job, few friends, large organisation with a hyper critical boss, fleeting relationships. With no one to turn to, she started seeing a counselor to deal with her issues. This difficult but empowering journey changed something in her - she realised that this was what she wanted to do - support others in their difficult emotional journeys.

Building on her background in psychology, she underwent specialised counselling skills training, and she’s been in this field ever since. Her last 8 years of working as a counsellor has been a tremendous period of self growth, personal transformation and humbling service. It is as she says, her reason for pushing personal boundaries, setting new goals, working despite personal commitments; the reason to want to do and be better, it is her inspiration to grow as a human being. It is the compass that guides her to keep going; her ikigai. 


These Turquoise stones are a perfect embodiment of Krithika’s difficult yet beautiful and empowering story. This piece is dedicated to her service to us fellow humans, to help make this world an easier place to live in. 


Material : Turquoise, Karen Thai silver clasp and beads

Length  - clasp to clasp 24 inches

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