Anu ~ A woman second to none

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Here’s a woman I’ve been waiting to introduce ~ folks living in Bangalore who live meaningful and sustainable lives probably know her / of her. Anu Gummaraju is a woman who walks the talk. I know of plenty of folks (including me) who speak of living gently, sustainably and with purpose ~ but she is someone who actually does it.

I spoke to her about living her life with passion and purpose ~

Anu always wanted to work in the field of education with children, because that’s where the real change can begin. 
After life in the corporate sector and having worked in other sectors, she realised that change must come if we are to sustain and survive -that change cannot ‘begin’ for most people when they are older. It begins by learning young. Ergo, education was the best medium. The state of education in schools - what with competition for better marks, rote learning, and a stunted syllabus - wasn’t the best place begin.  Unhealthy competition, ill informed choice making, non cooperation and insensitivity to the world around - we have all been raising generations without an iota of conscience. She believes, our interaction with the world, our mindsets, form at a very young age. The only way to change that is to start teaching and learning differently. Teaching - learning is about language, communication, and content. Anu thinks her skills and passion for education has come together in the kind of work she is doing today with TiDE Learning systems where she works closely with government schools and partners who work actively with children. 

An off shoot of her philosophy- to bring change in attitudes in the young is her initiative of the hugely popular platform on social media called Second to None - a group that enables buying and selling of pre-loved / second hand goods.

This Chrysocolla  and fish necklace is much like her - like how fish takes to water, she does to life. She lives responsibly, meaningfully and joyously - it’s almost infectious . May we all find our Ikigai the way she has and may we live a life as honestly as she does ! 


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Material: Chrysocolla , Karen Thai Silver Fish

Length : Clasp to Clasp 10 inches




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