Preeti ~ A Phenomenal Woman

$400.00 SGD $450.00 SGD

While all A-list business school graduates are counting their bonuses and climbing the corporate ladder, our lady a top B-school graduate, is almost zen-like in her zone - which is her home, surrounded by her family, a dog with caramel eyes and a zillion books. So does Ikigai only means finding a calling that typically translates to discovering an extraordinary talent one has? Of course not! Preeti Monippally is in absolute peace with running a home, which she does with much love and meticulous planning. 

Iki means “life," whereas gai means “value" or “worth." ... Perhaps rather than happiness, which is generally momentary and fleeting, we should seek a purposeful life. Preeti found her Ikigai in being available to her children and family, with full focus. She finds value in cheering for her kid's basketball and football matches. 

Her reason for being is in being content, running a home impeccably and giving a lion's share of attention to her growing children.  This beautiful Lapis Lazuli with silver flowers is dedicated to her simplicity and the value she gets from being an ace mother.


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Material : Lapis lazuli chips, Sterling silver

Length: Clasp to Clasp: 11 inches


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