Basonti ~ The Garden Fairy

$375.00 SGD

Basonti Das married very early in life to move to a city far away from her birthplace. A place where she knew no one - but getting away was her chance at self discovery . She found her Ikigai in nurturing plants and building gorgeous green gardens. Her hands have the magic touch which make beds of seasonal flowers bloom and vegetable gardens bear abundant produce. When she had to move from a place that gave her to opportunity to convert literally a wasteland into a massive abundant garden that was a source of triumph and love, to a tiny little flat with no garden to speak of - she didn't despair, for she had found her Ikigai .

She now has mini vegetable patches and flowering plants growing from discarded drums and pots. Her purpose in life is to live sustainably and self-sufficiently. Her life, like her garden is always green and blooming.

 This Smoky Quartz necklace with a blue quartz and silver rose pendant is dedicated to the many gardens she has and continues to nurture wherever she goes.


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Material : Smoky Quartz, Blue Quartz, Hill tribe silver rose.

Length : Clasp to clasp: 11 Inches

Pendant length : 5 inches


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