Nandini ~ The Ikigai Teacher

$275.00 SGD

 Here's a person who conducts workshops on Ikigai, no less! No questions asked about her Ikigai - it is certainly her ability to train and inspire people to find their own purpose. Isn't it wonderful to know someone's ikigai is to help another find their's? 

Nandini's story is not very different from those who left a workspace to start out on their own. The only twist is she keeps on exploring. In her case, coaching and helping people give direction to their lives and find a purpose gave her a happy high. Today she has touched many lives by simply finding her reason for being. She is extremely passionate about the concept of Ikigai and interprets the philosophy that goes beyond the scope of a book. Fresh ideas, insights, direction, purpose - Nandini's Ikigai is all about helping people write their story.

This Aquamarine necklace is dedicated to Nandini Das Ghoshal's passion and spirit of knowledge sharing and taking immense joy from it. 


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Material: Aquamarine, Karen Thai Silver

Length : Clasp to Clasp 11 Inches




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