Bithika ~ The One With Magic Fingers

$400.00 SGD

The little book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi says, some people find ikigai in pursuing professional careers. Others in supporting other family members. It may be as formal and structured as a craftsperson creating a beautiful lacquered rice bowl, or it may be as simple as packing a school lunch box for grandchildren. Although some people find it in their work, others, whose job is not conducive to ikigai fulfillment, find it in pastimes and hobbies, for Japanese people are great hobbyists. Some find pleasure in traditional pursuits such as the nurturing of bonsai trees, creation of complex origami structures, and engagement in centuries-old styles of dance. Others are avid collectors of various objects, or find themselves immersed in baking bread or making jam.

Bithika Choudhury found it in making the lives of her grandchildren happy. And she did that in more ways than one. She cooked the most innovative dishes for her grandchildren with much enthusiasm and created the most intricate and elaborate embroidered pieces of art. She made art, stitched clothes, whipped up recipes and lived a quiet, content life. She found her Ikigai early on in life something many aren't fortunate to find. 

She is no more in this world but of what I remember of her, she struck me as a woman who had found her peace and lived with awareness.

 This three strand Iolite interspersed with silver is dedicated to her joyous spirit. May she rest in peace.


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Material : Iolite, sterling silver

Length : Clasp to Clasp - 12 inches


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