Swati ~ The Girl In The Mountain Village

$375.00 SGD

This pale 2- strand raw Rose Quartz with the cutest Karen Thai fish beads is named after Swati Seth. She left the corporate world to start out on her own, a decision fuelled by her passion for travel and love and concern to preserve and propagate age-old traditional Indian crafts.

But mere entrepreneurship did not quite fill the void she felt. She eventually left city life to find her place in a mountain village to finally find her peace. She found her Ikigai working with women in Himachal Pradesh and help them earn a living.  The community she works with now exports handmade dolls and other handmade items made of wool under her guidance. Her work primarily tries to present traditional handicraft products in contemporary style and markets them to urban buyers thereby creating livelihood for artisans while also preserving India's traditional craft.

However, it was not all about pursuing a career - she is not ambitious in the traditional sense of the word. She is driven by a slow country life, helping people and herself live a sustainable lifestyle. She enjoys the simple pleasures of a mountain village life  - leisurely walk in the woods, steaming cups of tea, cooking with fresh produce and photo-documenting her simple and stunning life.

 She left a bigger job in search of meaning and found her reason for being :). This Rose quartz piece is dedicated to her Ikigai of living in peace with herself with nature.


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.



Material : Raw Rose Quartz, Karen Thai Silver

Length : Clasp to Clasp -12 inches


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