Aparna ~ Storyteller Of Sorts

$435.00 SGD

There is no shame in self-love. Aparna Das Sadhukhan, owner of this website you are browsing on was looking to honour ordinary people she knew from every day life who have found their Ikigai and wondered what  stopped her from honouring herself :). She is an ex-media professional, ex- movie production assistant, ex-marketing professional, ex-NGO employee  - all the ex-s listed here were reasons for her to look out actively for a life of balance doing things she loved for she didn't enjoy doing any of the roles listed above.

A situation without a job and economic slump forced her to relook and question her choices. That led to her quest to finding her Ikigai. Today she enjoys being in her studio stringing necklaces, writing stories and painting with watercolours.

Everything she does has a story to it and that's how she essentially sees herself : a storyteller of sorts. That's her reason for being - she looks forward everyday to churn out stories in the form of jewellery, art and verse.

This modern Chrysoprase is her personal favourite for the off-beat feel that it has. 

PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Length: 11 inches

Material: Chrysoprase, sterling silver


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