Asma ~ The Poster Girl Of Ikigai

$385.00 SGD

Asma Kazi's paintings and writing will make your heart flutter with joy. Her work is evocative, playful, influenced heavily by her childhood and everyday bits and bobs that she carries along the way to later interpret and bring them to life in the form of  stunning art and stories. 

But she wasn't always an artist. In fact, she has no formal training in art at all. She instead has a degree in Zoology and has spent years in different corporates across varied businesses before she decided to follow her calling. This self-taught artist found her Ikigai, something she believes she got incredibly lucky with, without realising, the pursuit of finding it was entirely her and her alone. Her art is carnivalesque and not so subtle. She lives and breathes colour, one would say after a mere glance at her canvases. 

This fun coral piece is dedicated to her determination and courage to take the plunge to find her Ikigai.  


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Length : 17 inches

Material : Sponge Corals, Turquoise, Afghani vintage silver, Sterling silver accents and clasp


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