Ritika ~ Kedut Tshulo

$300.00 SGD

Ritika Mittal also goes by a new name that she thinks got attached to her  - a name that comes from Chakhesang Naga tribe in Nagaland, which means "sitting together by chance".

Ritika the wide-eyed girl gave up her life in television production to find her Ikigai. This  Aquamarine necklace with Karen Thai silver fish motifs reminds me of her. To my mind, she found her Ikigai when she took off on a journey of her own to the mountains and there by into herself. Her life in the North East is stuff of legends. She found her reason for being with the weavers of North East, who are now family to her, creating textiles that are pieces of art, no less. Her revivalist stories are inspiring. One of the most inspiring one is that of Project Thebvo, Nagaland: An initiative to revive an indigenous textile of Chakhesang Nagas.  She wants to make textiles that can support projects that need nurturing - the proceeds from selling them will then support those projects without waiting for the grants and schemes from the government. She works with the community to give back to it - there cannot be greater joy than that.

She lives in a state of joy ~ like those who find their Ikigai. This Aquamarine piece is dedicated to Ritika's vision for her community and her resilience. 


PLEASE NOTE :  The length or any other aspect of this necklace cannot be altered or changed. Please make your purchases with care.


Length : Clasp to clasp 20 inches (snug fit)

Materials : Raw Aquamarine, Pure Karen Thai silver


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